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Discover the Art and Soul of Columbus

As you step out of the Convention Center, you’ll find yourself on the edge of what is fondly known as the “Art and Soul” of Columbus.

STC Publishes 2014 Year in Review

The year 2014 was a successful one for many reasons. It was a year of improvement in jobs and economies around the world, particularly in the United States.

Share Yourself with Intercom Readers

We’re looking for members to contribute a first-person column for a future issue of Intercom.

STC Summit 2015: Mind, Spirit, Connection

The full Summit program is a five-day event, starting with pre-conference workshops on Saturday and Sunday, followed by education sessions Monday through Wednesday, and both opening and closing keynote speakers.


An Interview with Philip Wisniewski on Content Engineering

This column features interviews with the movers and shakers—the folks behind new ideas, standards, methods, products, and amazing technologies that are changing the way we live and interact in our modern world.

The REACH Approach to Developing Online Materials for International Audiences

This column examines different aspects of technical communication in global contexts.


Mark Your Calendar

Events from around the globe.

Punched by Minimalism

I am always reticent to share my off-hours activities with my colleagues and professional acquaintances.