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Badass—An Interview with Kathy Sierra

BY NICKY BLEIEL | Senior Member Kathy Sierra is the author of many successful books, including the award winning Head First series with Bert Bates. She’s an in-demand conference speaker, trainer, programmer, and the founder of the online community JavaRanch. In this interview, she and Nicky Bleiel discuss her new…

Society-Level Offices for 2016

BY AIESSA MOYNA | Chair, Nominating Committee Are you interested in becoming a candidate for elected office in 2016? Can you suggest, or do you know someone who would make a great contribution to the Society by being elected? Are you interested in learning more about a particular office? If…

Couldn’t Attend the Summit? Now You Can!

The 2015 Technical Communication Summit may have just ended, but you can still attend all the sessions—without traveling across the country or across the globe. The content of most of the 80 sessions was captured (audio and visuals) and will be available shortly on the STC website (www.stc.org) through Summit…

STC President Bernard Aschwanden’s Inaugural Address

BY BERNARD ASCHWANDEN | President and Associate Fellow Editor’s Note: Bernard Aschwanden was formally installed as STC President at the Annual Business Meeting during the Summit on Monday, 22 June. Below is a draft of his planned remarks, provided to Intercom to share with the entire Society. Thank you. To…


Add What You Want, Subtract What You Don’t

This column addresses job hunting and career advancement, focusing on various aspects of career growth.

Trying Virtual Reality on the Cheap With Google Cardboard

This column presents overviews of new technologies that may affect technical communicators in the near future.


Mark Your Calendar

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Ask Me What I’m Knitting

BY CINDY PAO, with contributions from SHARON BURTON, VICI KOSTER-LENHARDT, JULIA LAND, CHERYL LANDES, MARCIA RIEFER JOHNSTON, JAMYE SAGAN, VAL SWISHER, and DANIELLE VILLEGAS There was a time in my life where all I could think about was knitting. Work was stressful, and knitting helped me leave all that in…