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Preparing for the Future by Looking to the Past

By T. Kenny Fountain | Member – and By Bernadette Longo | Senior Member Technical communicators spend a great deal of time and energy preparing for the future. We learn the latest technologies, practice today’s in-demand skills, and prepare ourselves for workplaces of the future. These are important steps for keeping our skills sharp and our knowledge current. But when we consider that today’s in-demand skills have been profoundly shaped by yesterday’s decisions and outcomes, we can look to the past to help us prepare for the present and future. To do this, we must look to our file cabinets,… Read the rest

Credibility and Ethics in Public Visuals

By Kathryn Northcut, Lora Arduser, T. Kenny Fountain, Maria Gigante, and Candice Welhausen Because billboards are predominantly visual and designed to convey succinct messages for passers-by, they allow viewers to create a quick first impression. Even the most elaborate and thoughtful design choices can be immediately digested and evaluated, making the credibility (ethos) of the messenger and the message vulnerable to quick dismissal. This article analyzes an anti-drug design (see Figure 1) found on a billboard, from a multi-faceted rhetorical perspective. Figure 1. “Drugs Destroy Lives” billboard. Photograph ©Kathryn Northcut, 2015 The “Drugs Destroy Lives” Campaign Law enforcement agencies in… Read the rest

A Note from the Editor

Liz Pohland Happy 60th Anniversary, STC! For this special anniversary issue of Intercom, we’re running several articles about the past and future of the profession. I was inspired by a new edited collection I read recently—Solving Problems in Technical Communication by Johndan Johnson-Eilola and Stuart A. Selber (2013), which I highly recommend (see my review in an upcoming edition of Technical Communication). In the book, chapters by Kenny Fountain, Bernadette Longo, and Brad Mehlenbacher (among many other experts featured) explain how we can look to the past to help us prepare for the present and future.… Read the rest

Exploring Orange County’s Downtowns

By Michael Opsteegh | Senior Member While you’re attending the Technical Communication Summit in sunny Anaheim, California, you may want to get out from the shadow of the mouse and check out the downtown districts in Anaheim and neighboring cities. These charming boulevards offer local shopping and unique dining opportunities and provide the perfect getaway for extended lunches or after-session dinners. The early Twentieth Century facades draw a distinct contrast from the bustling, modern suburbs and are a sanctuary from overly commercialized areas. And, they’re all a short cab ride away. I’ll cover some of the highlights in this article,… Read the rest

Must-Do List for Exploring Downtown Chicago

By Mary Whalen | Senior Member The 2012 STC Summit will be held just outside of the city of Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. On your Summit trip, you may be able to fit in a downtown Chicago outing. And on your outing, here are some tourist spots you should have on your list of things to do. One of Chicago's newest and most visited attractions is Millennium Park. The 24.5 acre park, opened in 2004, is located downtown, on Michigan Avenue near the Lake Michigan shoreline. At the park, you can't miss these famous sculptures:… Read the rest

Discover Gold in Sacramento during the STC Summit

The below information is courtesy of the Sacramento Visitors Bureau. To find out more about places to go and things to see in Sacramento, visit Sacramento’s history began in 1839 when Johann Augustus Sutter settled at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers. When the Mexican government and Governor Alvarado granted 48,000 acres of land to Sutter, they did not realize that they had given away a literal goldmine. Gold was discovered in 1848 just thirty miles east of Sacramento. The rest is history! The news of the discovery spread like wildfire around the globe and fortune hunters… Read the rest

Welcome to Atlanta

By Rachel Mahan | Student Member The World of Coca-Cola., (© 2012, Kevin C. Rose/ The STC Atlanta Chapter welcomes you back to the South for the 2013 STC Summit. While you already know that the sessions will be cutting-edge, you may not know that the conference is also steeped in history: This year marks its 60th anniversary. It is fitting, then, that as soon as you step off the plane at Hartsfield-Jackson, you will be greeted by a host city both modern and historic, with everything from skyscrapers to antebellum landmarks. While Atlanta is a large city, the… Read the rest