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On the Clock

By Jean-luc Doumont | Senior Member 4:30 AM. My iPod lets off its familiar wake-up tone. As I open an eye to reach for it, the furniture's silhouette around me seems utterly unfamiliar. Where am I? I open my other eye and try to focus. Looks like a hotel room—but where on Earth? I shake my head and it comes back to me: the long flights, the rental car, the late arrival. I rub my eyes. 4:31 AM. I'd better get up—there is so much to do. Shave, shower, get some breakfast. Iron my shirt. Pack the material I need… Read the rest

Mark Your Calendar

Organization events across the globe F.Y.I. lists information about nonprofit ventures only. Please send information to 23–26 Jan The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), on “Securing Tomorrow's Future With Reliability and Maintainability,” will be held at the Nugget Hotel and Resort in Reno, NV. For more information, contact: RAMS +1 (603) 863-2832 16–20 Feb The 2012 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, with a theme of “Flattening the World: Building a Global Knowledge Society,” takes place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For more information, please contact: AAAS +1 (202) 326-6450 9 Mar… Read the rest