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Using LinkedIn to Get Work

By Rich Maggiani | Fellow and Ed Marshall | Senior Member Social media has transformed the way we communicate. This column discusses the intricacies and ramifications that social media has on our everyday personal and professional lives. Suggestions for topics are welcome. Email me at Recently, I received this email from one of my LinkedIn groups: “Whether you are looking to improve your prospects in your current job or career, are looking for a new one, or are looking for great candidates to fill your available positions, the LinkedIn Job & Career Network is the place to be!” So… Read the rest

The Power of Groups: Support for the Independent Consultant or Contractor

By Elizabeth (Bette) Frick | Associate Fellow This column explores the joys and challenges of managing your own technical communication business. Please share your experience and ideas. Contact Bette Frick at The working style of an independent consultant (writer, editor, desktop publisher) is often a paradox. By choosing to remain self-employed rather than seeking “captive” employment in a company, we demonstrate our need and desire for autonomy. However, we still crave interaction with others, and many of us seek out groups, both existing and self-formed. It is this “no-one-is-an-island” need for community that fascinates me. I read last year… Read the rest