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Mark Your Calendar

Organization events across the globe F.Y.I. lists information about nonprofit ventures only. Please send information to intercom@stc.org. 1 21–24 June The Usability Professionals Association (UPA) will hold its 2011 international conference, “Designing for Social Change,” in Atlanta, GA. For more information, contact: Nicole Tafoya +1 (630) 980-4997 conf2011@usabilityprofessionals.org www.upassoc.org/conference/2011/contact/index.html 2 11–15 July The International Terminology Summer School (TSS 2011) will take place at Cologne University in Cologne, Germany, jointly organized by Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Information Management, and TermNet. For more information: TermNet +43 1 23060 3965 events@termnet.org www.termnet.org/english/events/tss_2011/index.php 3 5–9 Sept The International Society of Logistics… Read the rest

Architecting the Social Information Experience

By Andrea Ames | Fellow, and Alyson Riley | Member This column explores the strategic aspects of information architecture and the tools to equip information architects (IAs) for success. Topics will address the business, strategy, user experience, and implementation of strategic information architecture, including organizational, content management, and tactical considerations. Send your comments, questions, and suggestions for future articles to thestrategicia@pobox.com. In our last column, we asserted that the strategic information architect begins the IA process by identifying what’s important to the business and planning how to demonstrate impact relative to business strategy. In this column, we’ll explore ways in… Read the rest

Staying Competitive with Social Media

By Rich Maggiani | Fellow Social media has transformed the way we communicate. This column discusses the intricacies and ramifications that social media has on our everyday personal and professional lives. Suggestions for topics are welcome. Email me at rich.maggiani@solari.net. When I first suggested staying competitive with social media to the project manager, he just looked at me blankly. “What would be the purpose?” he said. “Wouldn’t it just be another level of overhead?” Valid questions, I thought. So I explained. Project Management A LinkedIn group would allow everyone to exchange information and to discuss issues openly. We could all… Read the rest

TECHWR-L at 18: An Early Social Media Tool Grows Up

By Connie P. Giordano | Member In 1993, media buzz concentrated on such items as Bill Clinton following George H. W. Bush into the White House, Jurassic Park making it to number one at the box office, and Microsoft’s release of its state-of-the-art computer operating system—Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. Back then, the words “social media” might conjure thoughts of newspaper stories on parties and bridal photos of the uber rich—not particularly relevant to technical writers tucked away in university labs and corporate cubicles around the globe. For one such writer, Eric J. Ray, the need to connect with professional peers… Read the rest

STC Introduces New Awards

STC introduced two new community awards at the 2011 Summit: The Most Improved Community and the Community of the Year. These awards were introduced to complement the current community awards and provide an extra incentive for chapters and SIGs. The Most Improved Community is given to the community that “stepped up their game” the most from one year to the next, based on their applications for the Community Achievement Award. The first Most Improved Community Award goes to the Rocky Mountain Chapter. The Community of the Year Award is presented to the community that had the highest score of all… Read the rest

Report from the STC President

By Hillary Hart, President I am very Excited to be STC’s president during this year of rapid changes in the way we all communicate and collaborate. Before looking forward to the coming year, let me summarize briefly what STC has been doing for 2010–2011. In the past year, STC has developed five exciting initiatives. First is a redesigned, interactive, beta-tested website for STC.org. We rolled out the first portion of the new website in February and have now launched the MySTC portion. MySTC is an online home for communities and members, with availability for announcements, networking, virtual meetings, chats, and… Read the rest

Pacesetter Awards

The Pacesetter Award recognizes communities for the successful implementation of a single beneficial innovation that may be replicated by other STC communities. It honors those chapters that have done something unique indicating progress in their programs or growth. Congratulations to the honorees. Alberta For broadening professional affiliations that increase program options while promoting STC to other organizations. Carolina For employing webcasting to enhance community contacts and to enrich programs by presenting speakers from other communities. Philadelphia Metro For adding a “Donate” button to the community website to encourage donations to the scholarship fund. Rochester For engaging a university marketing concepts… Read the rest

Judith Herr Honored with 2011 President's Award

The President’s Award honors one or more persons or institutions that have made distinguished contributions to the profession or the Society. The STC president announced the name of this year’s recipient during the opening session of the Society’s annual conference. Citation: For your longtime championship of all STC communities and the value they bring to STC. For your vision in bringing the Community Affairs Committee to life and your tireless work on fostering productive two-way communication between STC members and the STC Board. The year 2010 saw the emergence of the Community Affairs Committee in STC. This committee was envisioned,… Read the rest

Couldn't Attend the Summit? <em>Now You Can!</em>

The 2011 Technical Communication Summit, held mid-May in Sacramento, CA, may have just ended, but you can still attend all the sessions—without traveling across the country or across the globe. The content of most of the 80 sessions was captured (audio and visuals) and will be available on the STC website (www.stc.org) in July. The sessions and PowerPoint images will be accessible only through SUMMIT@aClick until April 2012. With access to SUMMIT@aClick, you can “attend” the Summit from your home, office, or anywhere else. No matter the reason you didn’t go, now the Summit can come to you. And those… Read the rest

Society-Level Offices for 2012

By Mark Clifford | Associate Fellow, Chair, Nominating Committee Are you interested in becoming a candidate for elective office in 2012? Do you know someone who would make a great contribution to the Society by being elected? Are you interested in learning more about a particular office? Can you suggest other members for office? If so, the Nominating Committee would like to hear from you. The STC Board of Directors includes leaders with both business and academic backgrounds. All candidates must be senior STC members, experienced working at a strategic level, comfortable making decisions collaboratively, and focused on outcomes. Previous… Read the rest