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The Value of Technical Communication

By Daniel Maddux | Member Close to zero percent of those (technical communicators) I talked to had any hard numbers in terms of the money they had saved or made for their employers or clients. The question of value is omnipresent in the business world today. What is the true value of shale gas? Of our recycling efforts? Of the various social media platforms? The world is trying hard to figure out these questions. We have similar questions in our field. What is the real value of that maintenance manual you just compiled? Of the help system that your software… Read the rest

Creating an Effective Statement of Work

By Katherine Brown-Hoekstra | Associate Fellow Once you have an established relationship with a client, they frequently want to use your services for multiple projects. Rather than creating separate contracts for each project, you can sign a General Services Agreement, which provides the framework for the relationship and outlines the expectations for each party, and then create a Statement of Work (SOW) for each project. Clients like this arrangement because contracts often have to be signed at a higher level than SOWs. Once their upper management and legal department approve your General Service Agreement, the client can generally sign the… Read the rest

Building a Great Relationship with Your Client

By Karen Giventer | Senior Member Congratulations! You’ve landed a consulting gig with a major client and you’ve been entrusted with an important documentation project. You know you’ll do your best and your new client has confidence in you; so it’s all good, right? Well, maybe. Doing your best is important, of course, but building a great relationship with your client is a job in itself. This article offers some concrete actions you can take to ensure that your rapport with your client stays on track. Know and Set Expectations The best way to ensure that your client is satisfied… Read the rest

Ten Tips for Preparing a Business Case to Successfully “Sell” Major Technical Communication Initiatives

By Saul Carliner | Fellow Are you trying to receive funding for a new content management system (CMS)? Do you need to convince your organization to invest in presenting content as a mobile application? Are your requests for funding regularly refused? In any of these situations, perhaps you have not persuaded the decision makers and the people who advise them—decision influencers—that your proposed course of action can benefit the organization. Often, that’s because the decision makers and influencers feel that the proposal is either incomplete, that other options exist but have not been considered, or that the proposal is overly… Read the rest