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All Access: Why Should I Care About Accessibility?

By Linda Roberts | Senior Member, and Lisa Pappas | Associate Fellow This column shares information about accessibility requirements and techniques, and introduces standards and policies that might affect your products. If you have feedback, contact Linda Roberts at Over the years, people have asked us why they should care about accessibility. It made us think. Here are a few reasons why you should care about accessibility: People with disabilities are a large user group. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2006) in a survey taken in 2002, around 18% of Americans said that they had a disability. To… Read the rest

Media Matters:<br/>PowerPoint: The Multimedia Engine that “Could”

By Marc Lee | Senior Member This column addresses media subjects for technical communicators. It discusses graphics, audio, animation, video, and interactive media as they relate to technical communication. Please send comments to Some of you may remember a couple of columns I wrote for Intercom on Microsoft Word’s multimedia tools a few years ago (April and July/August 2010). In this column, we’ll continue with the theme of “the untapped multimedia power of everyday tools” in talking about PowerPoint’s multimedia and e-learning features. PowerPoint has been criticized in some circles for fostering sloppy thinking and an overkill of fonts,… Read the rest