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Online: From the Outside, Looking In

All Intercom ethics cases are fictitious and are intended to provide opportunities to highlight and discuss ethical issues in technical communication. Any resemblance to real people or organizations is coincidental. Please send your responses to intercom@stc.org. Responses will be printed in an upcoming issue of Intercom as space permits.

Research, Politics, and Medical Writing

When Dr. Baker handed the Request for Proposals (RFP) to Monique, she offered a simple rationale: “They have money. We need money.”

That fact didn't keep Monique from feeling very uncomfortable with the writing assignment. The Broglio Foundation was seeking proposals for clinical research grants related to autism, a perfect fit for Dr. Baker's neuropsychology research group, which was planning a three-year study on how the autistic and non-autistic brains process a series of cognitive problems. The multiple scans for each research subject would prove expensive. A Broglio grant would be very welcome, but Monique knew about the Broglio Foundation and did not like their fundamental ideology of autism.